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FingerD 1.5

This Program is my first (and last ;-) try in MFC-Programming. It is a small Finger-Daemon for Windows95 (and Win NT).

Load it down and start it. There is no installation procedure required. FingerD will create a logfile in the current working directory. FingerD will log Time, Date, ClientIP, ClientUser (if the client runs a identd) and the requested string.

Two alternative messages to the client are possible. These are configured with the Configure-Button (Wow ;)). Which message the FingerD responds is chosen by the Here-Button and Not-Here-Button.

If you want to "refinger" then just select the line with the request and hit Refinger. Then you are prompted to input a String. When you klick Ok fingerd performs a finger to the selected host with the request specifyed before. The result will be displayed in a MessageBox.

The programm runs as a TrayIcon.

With context-menu on Task-Bar-Icon - simple click right onto the icon in tray.

Thanx Ronald for the request and Jan for the hints on improvements.

Already more than 8000 downloads - [Download FingerD.exe] yourself!