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PHP Address 0.3a (13.09.2006)

PHP-Address is a collection of PHP-Scripts for maintaing a small web-based address-database.

Screenshots (English Version - German, Spanish, French, Russian, Hungarian, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, Finnish, Turkish, Swedish, Polish, and Italian is available too):

Warning there is a security bug prior version 0.2f regarding language handling, which allows the execution of any php-code on the server. Updating to 0.2f or later is strongly recommended.

More than 21000 downloads. You can download PHP Address here.

README (german/english) ChangeLog

If you can translate PHP Address to any other language please mail me the results. It takes only 5 minutes to translate it. All you have to do is to create a new language-file containing an array which maps English to your language. Thanx.

If you have any suggestions please send me a mail.

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